Our Mission
Mile Marker Zero Consulting, Inc. is dedicated to helping our clients become world class asset management operations. We understand that reaching that target is a matter of:
  • Defining the success
  • Developing the right tools and methods to support success
  • Implementing those tools and methods in a way that eliminates waste and increases effectiveness
Maintenance Management Business Process Improvement   EAM Implementation for Success   Maintenance Best Practices Assessment
Capture savings without investing large amounts of capital. Mile Marker Zero Business Process Consultants can find this savings by eliminating inefficiencies in your current business processes and applying industry-accepted best practices in your maintenance, reliability and MRO management operations.

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Leverage your investment by ensuring that your EAM is configured to support your needs, that your people are trained in how to run the maintenance operation effectively, using your CMMS as the tool. Mile Marker Zero EAM Consultants will ensure that the business's needs drive the configuration of your EAM.

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Mile Marker Zero has developed a set of measures to identify where your maintenance operation is succeeding, and where it needs improvement. Use this assessment as the baseline for your continuous improvement plan.

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